College of Science

Department of Mathematics


The Mathematics Department was established in 1968 at the University of Sulaimani. The college of science began by establishing departments of Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics before other departments. In 1981, with a political decision, the University of Sulaimani was moved to Erbil and its name changed to Salahaddin University. Following the Kurdish uprising in 1991 and the liberation of Sulaymaniyah city, the re-establishment of the University of Sulaimani was deemed critical. In 1992, the Parliament of Kurdistan made the decision to re-establish the university, and the College of Science was reopened in 1994. The Mathematics Department was reopened and run by only two lecturers, namely, Dr. Adil Qadir Jabbar and Dr. Nizar Abdul Qadir. With the assistance of staff members, the department began with student enrollment; 50 students successfully began their studies, and the department continues to this day.

Department Vision:

Our aim is to develop the educational process and present the highest quality of mathematics education to raise a new generation of young, skilled mathematicians who can enrich the market through fruitful research.

Department Mission:

The department’s mission is to develop education programs with the most updated means to form a robust scientific framework for students. We are preparing and educating local community members to think critically and present mathematical analysis to contribute to planning national developments. Moreover, we encourage them to conduct research and present formal discussions on practicing mathematical education within society. We are educating graduate students with a scientific background that facilitates industries and research centers to supervise and revise the scientific field to provide society with the necessities directly and indirectly.

Learning Outcomes:

There are endless opportunities for graduates

  1. Graduates can contribute to society by teaching mathematics in schools and learning centers and providing the highest quality of education.
  2. Top graduates of the department are offered opportunities to work as assistant researchers to carry on the progress and development of the department through post-graduate studies.
  3. Often, the study program assists graduates in obtaining employment as Programmers in the market.
  4. Graduates in this field can also work as accountants in the private sector.

Study Methods:

The classes are held on campus, and the learning process is face-to-face since mathematics is unlike other sciences that could be verbally delivered. It requires serious class practice in writing and a detailed explanation. Studying mathematics consists of various methods to let students participate actively, such as preparing assignments, making projects, and so on (etc.).


The language of the source texts and materials of education is English, and the explanations of the lecturers are in Kurdish during lectures.


The duration of study is 4 academic years, divided into 8 semesters.

Academic Staff:

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