College of Science

College of Science


Preparing competent professional graduates in various fields of science

The College of Science was established at the University of Sulaimani in 1968 which included Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology departments. Later, in 1981, the University of Sulaimani was moved to Erbil City following a political decision by the Baas Regime, and its name was changed to Salahaddin University.

After the major uprising in 1991, the idea of re-establishing the University of Sulaimani by the Sulaimani citizens was seriously considered, and the Kurdistan Parliament issued a verdict in 1992 to re-establish the University of Sulaimani. The College of Science was opened in 1994 with the aid of several hard-working lecturers. The college started with only two departments, the departments of Geology and Mathematics, followed by the opening of other departments: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Computer sciences, with the support of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The number of lecturers has reached (218) so far; they hold Ph.D. and MSc degrees, and the number of students has risen from 98 students in 1998 to 8,397 at present for all six departments of the college. The number of students who have successfully graduated from this college with a BSc degree since its establishment is 7,902 graduates.
Teaching Staff

Our History

Established at the University of Sulaimani in 1968, and then reopened in 1994, the College of Science has 6 departments with a total alumni of 7902 students.

Our Focus

Playing an important role in promoting and supporting the public's awareness and understanding of basic sciences by maintaining mutual collaboration programs with local organizations.
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