College of Science

Department of Computer


The Computer Science Department was founded in 2002 at the University of Sulaimani. It attempts to form an extraordinary scientific basis in the field of Computer Science. Since the foundation of the department, the faculty and staff have been working to build efficiency to provide society with young and highly qualified staff to be able to contribute to scientific and technical developments. Additionally, they cope with the huge revolution in the technology field. The objective of the department’s staff is to emphasize aspects deeply related to Computer Science, as well as encourage scientific research that leads to knowledge that can be developed and served to society through partnership with industrial institutions, companies, or establishments to supply the community with qualified programmers.

Department Vision:

We aim to improve our status as a world-class teaching and research institution known for its innovation, excellence, and discovery and for attracting the best students and staff worldwide.

Department Mission:

We maintain a department regarded as equal to any in terms of the relevance of its teaching and research, the quality of its assets and aptitudes, and the learning opportunities and working experiences it offers.

Learning Outcomes:

Learning in this department endows the students with the opportunity to contribute to society as researchers and scientists who specialize in computers. The department’s learning outcomes are to conduct programmatic course and field experience design, inform assessments, and provide a paradigm for students to develop on their journeys as professional educators and researchers of the future.

Study Methods:

The department functions according to the Bologna process and awards degrees to students who successfully complete their studies with a B.Sc.


The language of instruction at the Department of Computer Science is English.


The duration of study at this department is 4 academic years, divided into 8 semesters.

Academic Staff:

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