College of Science

Department of Biology


The department of Biology is an essential department of the College of Science at the University of Sulaimani. This department was established in 1998, with its first round of bachelor students in 1998–1999. Annually, a class of undergraduate students graduates with a BSc degree in Biology. In addition to undergraduate students, the department has many postgraduate students doing MSc and PhD projects under the supervision of departmental professors and lecturers. The graduates have great career opportunities, as they can work in different public and private sectors, such as education, health and medical laboratories, and the environmental sector.

Department Vision:

The aim of this department is to be the top public university department for producing Biologists in the Kurdistan Region, which are highly needed in the teaching and medical sectors. Moreover, we aim to become a strong research pool in the field of life sciences

Department Mission:

  • The department of Biology provides students with an intense teaching program that covers all major topics related to life sciences.
  • It is mandatory for each student to perform a research project under the supervision of the departmental advisors.
  • Our teaching staff are required to perform other scientific activities apart from teaching and publishing high-quality research papers to be promoted.

Learning Outcomes:

Graduates from this department are expected to


  • Have acquired general knowledge in various biology disciplines and the scientific terminologies used in the field, such as microbiology, developmental biology, histology, ecology, immunology, molecular and cell biology, genetics, etc.
  • Be familiar with the basic biological, chemical, microbiological, and molecular techniques used in the medical diagnostic laboratories.
  • Have a general understanding of the environmental sciences and biodiversity.
  • Be able to perform research in a related field.
  • Be able to teach biology.
  • Have basic knowledge of research methodologies and scientific writing.

Study Methods:

  • Theoretical lectures
  • Practical lectures
  • Laboratory work
  • Seminars, reports, and other activities


The language of instruction at the department of Biology is English for all courses.


The duration of study at the department of Biology is 4 academic years, divided into 8 semesters.

Academic Staff:

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