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MSc Programs at the Department of Chemistry

posted Aug 15, 2016, 9:56 AM by rebaz fayaq hamarawf

The requested subjects to apply for M.Sc study in chemistry at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sulaimani.


1-      Analytical chemistry & Instrumental analysis

a-      Basic concepts of chemical analysis

b-      Spectroscopic methods of analysis

c-      Electrochemical analysis


2-      Physical Chemistry

a-      Basic concepts of Physical chemistry

b-      Chemical thermodynamics

c-      Chemical kinetics

d-      Surface chemistry


3-      Organic chemistry

a-        Aldehydes Aldehydes & Ketones

b-        Carboxylic acids and derivatives

c-         Amines and Amides

d-        Synthesis, mechanism and reactions in Organic chemistry

e-        Theory of UV-Vis spectroscopy

f-          Theory of IR spectroscopy

g-        Aromatic compounds


4-      Inorganic chemistry

a-      Coordination chemistry

b-      Symmetry ( Basics and Principles)

c-      Periodic properties & Molecular structure


5-      Biochemistry

a-       Carbohydrates ( Principles and metabolism)

b-      Proteins & Amino acids ( Principles and metabolism)

c-      Lipids ( Principles and metabolism)

d-      Enzymes (Principles and Kinetics)


6-      Petroleum Chemistry

a-      Classification of Petroleum and petroleum products

b-      Evaluation of petroleum products

c-      Physical and chemical properties of petroleum products

d-      Petroleum composition

e-      Refining processes

f-       Refinery types, units, utilities, ….. etc

g-      Separation processes in refineries

h-      Chemical conversion processes in refineries

i-        Thermal cracking ( normal, catalytic hydro)

j-        Catalytic reforming

k-      Alkylation

l-        Isomerization Secondary processes (treatments)

m-   Sulfur compounds and De-sulfurization