On 29/09/2015 Dr. Bakhtiar Qadir Aziz dean of the faculty of science and science education with Dr. Diary Ali Mohmammed head of the geology department visited “Ganaw” lake in Ranya’s town. The aim of this visitation is to closely monitor the activities and progressions that are performing by an expert Germany’s team in collaboration with geology department at school of science within the letter of understanding and the contract between them. 

Dr. Bakhtiar Qadir Aziz the dean of the Faculty of science and science education said: 

The idea of these activities is related to publishing the first research on this lake by (Prof.Dr.Salahadding Said, Prof.Dr.Bakhtiar Qadir Aziz and Assist prof.Dr. Diary Mohammed) in 2012 under the title of ( Hydrogcological and Geophysical investigation of ganau lake-Ranya area ). 

Dean of the Faculty of science and science education said: 

there are some very rare feature in this lake  that are mentioned in this research that the other areas don’t have. Therefore, this research causes the attraction of the expert Germany’s team and all of the universities in the world.