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    • We congratulate Dr. Shujahadeen Bakr Aziz for publication of his latest papers in many famous scientific journals, such as Materials Science of Springer, Applied Polymer Science, Electronic Materials and Physica Scripta, below are some of his publications:


  • We congratulate Dr. Nzar Rauf Abdullah for his recent accepted paper in Annalen der Physik which has Impact Factor 3.048. The title of his paper is 'Cavity-photon contribution to the effective interaction of electrons in parallel quantum dots'.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Shujahadeen Bakr Aziz, the lecturer at our department. He has been crowned by Faculty of Science as the reasearcher of the most number of published researches at 2014.

  • Transport of electrons through a quantized photon cavity
    Speaker: Dr. Nzar Rauf Abdullah
    Hall 2, Phys. dep., Science School, UOS.
    12 PM, Tuesday, 1 December

    The talk describes time dependent transport of correlated electrons through a quantized two-dimensional electronic system such as single or double quantum dots embedded in a quantum wire. In addition, Nzar defines his approach to implement quantum logic gate action in quantum information processing using a non-Markovian quantum master equation formalism. The electronic system is weakly connected to external leads and strongly coupled to a single photon mode in a cavity. The research shows that the electron transport and quantum logic gate action strongly depend on the initial number of photons in the cavity and on their polarization.

  • The Dropbox
    Speaker: Dr. Jabar M. A. Fatah
    Hall 2, Phys. dep., Science School, UOS.
    12 PM, Tuesday, 24 November

    The idea here is to automate the process of recording student attendance. The current status quo is for a lecturer to record the names of absent students in the lecture hall then at the end of the week to email it to the attendance committee. The lecturer has to remember to send the email and the whole process is mundane to say the least.  This year, Physics department starts using Dropbox for this task. We hope that our endeavor will encourage other university departments to follow. The software is free, safe, secure, and above all user friendly. All a lecturer has to do is to record the names as usual and that is it. The excel sheet will be synchronized immediately on connection to the Internet.


  • Determination of Rn(222) and U(238) concentrations in some selected samples of rock for Sulaimani area (Kurdistan Region-Iraq).

Speaker: Dr. Kamal Omer Abdullah
Place: Hall 2, Phys. dep., Science School, UOS.
Time: 12 PM, Tuesday, 10 November

Different rock samples collected from the mountains located to the west and north of Sulaimani district. Solid state nuclear track detector technique, CR-39 passive detectors included, is used for analyzing concentrations Radon. The uranium concentrations determined from the secular equilibrium between uranium and radon activity. The concentrations of Radon and Uranium have been calculated. The maximum and the minimum concentrations determined (19632.904 ± 74.605 and 153789.072 ± 584.398) Bq/m3 for Radon and (1.289±0.619 ppm, 10.094±4.854 ppm) for uranium, respectively. The higher concentration values of both Byara (Mountain of Balkha) and Penjween is due to sample rocks formation compared to the values appeared from Ranya and Chaqchaq regions. The highest annual effective dose was 0.8µSv/hr, which is higher than the value 1mSv ~ 0.114 µSv/hr recommended by the International Commission on Radio-logical Protection ICRP.

  • Assessment of Rn and U concentrations in the soil of Qadafery, Kalar and Zarayan located in Sulaimani Governorate of Kurdistan region-Iraq.
Speaker: Dr. Salar Z. Muhammed
Place: Hall 2, Phys. dep., Science School, UOS.
Time: 12 PM, Tuesday, 29 September

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