• Participation of Physics department in the Two days Golden Jubilee Ceremony and Festival of Sulaimani University

Physics Department Festival

  • The report about academic activities and achievements, visiting University of Cagliari - Italy, through scholarship Erasmus Mundus MARHABA program: 

        Dr. Abdulqader A. Qader

        Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Sulaimani

        Period: from 28/ 01/ 2018  to 28/ 02/ 2018

The main goal of my mobility program was pursuing experimental work in the field of lasers and optical spectroscopy applied to cultural heritage. The first step literature review done about the recent published experimental work by the group of optical spectroscopy at Department of Physics- University of Cagliari. The second step, portable Near Infrared Micro-Raman spectroscopy was used, as a non-destructive technique, in order to investigate the mineralogical composition of a group of clay and pottery sherds. The obtained results will be analyzed and expected to be presented in a journal paper and send it for publication. Gaining the basis knowledge about this new and emerging field of the research field will be of a great importance for future direction in our Department of Physics- College of Science- University of Sulaimani.

 Another goal of the academic visit was attending any activities which achieve the goals of this mobility, including seminars, workshops and events. In addition, preparing and delivering presentations at Host University and home university about the mobility activities and positive experiences gained at University of Cagliari, and how to promote international reputation for the university through increasing the number of international students. Furthermore, learn about different assessment strategies and evaluation process for student’s achievements, through attending examination for Bachelor and master students.

A long with the above activities, a joint proposal (with the group of optical spectroscopy – Department of Physics at University of Cagliari), submitted for the first national grant of Ministry of higher education-KRG under the title: Optical Technologies Applied in Cultural Heritage and Artefacts of Kurdistan Region- Iraq.

Finally, and most importantly our efforts resulted in signing official agreement between the host university (University of Cagliari) and home university (University of Sulaimani) to exchange students, programs of study, and research on matters of common interest (especially in the field of physics), the agreement will be of a great benefits for both universities.

  • Erasmus Mundus MARHABA Program
    This program is funded by the European Union and it has the following aims:
    • To enhance the quality of higher education in Europe.
    • To promote the idea of making the European Union a learning centre of excellence.
    • To improve the cultural relations between EU and third world countries especially with regard to higher education.
    MARHABA provides the opportunity for willing students and academics to enhance their skills in their fields by conducting their research and/or studies in a foreign country for a specific duration. We, in Physics department, are proud to have the following two candidates who are granted a placement in this program:
    1. Dr. Abdulqader Abdullah Qader who will be going to Leicester University in the UK for a month in August.
    2. Rawezh Bakr, a third year student, will be studying his final year at the university of Cagliar, Italy.
  • Automating and managing the academic course time tables
    In another activity by department of Physics, decider of the department Dr. Ranjdar M. Abdullah has held a seminar on how to manage and design academic course timetables in an automated and digitized way using a timetable application. The seminar had been taken place at the Physics group meeting room on 18 Nov 2015.

  • Automating the process of recording student attendance

    The physics department has successfully put into practice the idea of automating the process of recording student attendance using Dropbox software. The idea was given by Dr. Jabar M. A. Fatah, the head of the physics department, which he has presented in the weekly departmental seminar (24 November 2015). In the previous year, the status quo was for a lecturer to record the names of absent students in the lecture hall then at the end of the week to email it to the attendance committee. The lecturer had to remember to send the email and the whole process was mundane to say the least.  This year, our department starts using Dropbox for this task. We hope that our endeavor will encourage other university departments to follow. The software is free, safe, secure, and above all user friendly. All a lecturer has to do is to record the names as usual and that is it. The excel sheet will be synchronized immediately on connection to the Internet.


  • Rearrangement and digitization of the Physics department library

    In the opening of the current academic season the library of Physics department has been digitalized and rearranged by a staff of teachers of our department, particularly Dr. Jabar M. A. Fatah, M. Peshawa, M. Shaho, M. Darko, M. Sarbast. At present, the library is ready and available for both our students and teachers. Students can benefit from a collection of textbooks, which are particularly oriented for their courses.


  • Summary of the total activities of School of Science for 2014-2015