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Seminars and Workshops

1Use Geophysical tools for Geological purposesworkshop27/11/2014
2Curriculum development program.workshop17/9/2014
3Mr.Halo Abdullah Othman held his master defense ceremony under the Title Assessment of application of GPR on different types of soil surrounding Sulaimani city, Iraqi Kurdistan region. Supervised by Dr. Bakhtiar Qadir AzizMaster defense4/9/2014
4Mr. Diar Abdulqadir saed held his master defense ceremony under the Title Organic Geochemical Characteristics of Lower-Middle Jurassic
Succession and Crude Oils from Selected Wells, Garmian Area,
Kurdistan Region, NE-Iraq. Supervised by Dr. Ibrahim  Mohammed Jaza
Master defense16/10/2014
5Mrs. Chro Muhammad Fatah held his master defnse ceremony under the title Assesment of Avroman Limestone Formation For Portland cement industry Halabja Area south- East Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region NE-Iraq. Supervised by Dr.Tola Ahmed MirzaMaster defense23/10/2014
6Mrs. Rezan Qader Faraj Mirza held his master defense ceremony under the title Assessment of selected Tertiary and Quaternary clays with some additive raw materials for ceramic industries, Iraqi Kurdistan region. Supervised by Dr.Tola Ahmed MirzaMaster defense20/11/2014
7Mr.Sardar Saleem held his master defense ceremony under the Title ( Source rock characterization and Biomarker distribution of Srgelu Formation Middle Jurassic, Miran Oil Field, Sulaimani area, Kurdistan region, NE IRAQ). Supervised by Dr. Ibrahim  Mohammed JazaMaster defense27/11/2014
8Field study cooperation for four traverses along Taza block for Oil search company held by a group of four staff at Department of Geology coordinator Dr.Fadhil Ahmad Ameen LawaCooperation with Oil companies19/11/2014
9Cooperation with UK Universities Seminar by Dr. Diary Ali Mohammed Amin
10Spatial assessment of Geo-environmental data using remote sensing and GIS techniques for Rania Area, Sulaimani Governorate, Kurdistan Region – Iraq presented by Dr.Azher Khalil SulaimanSeminar3/12/2014
11“Study of the subsurface features using seismic reflection data in Erbil area- Kurdistan Region- Iraq". Presented by Pr. Dr. Ezadin N. BabanSeminar10/12/2014
12Health and safety committee seminarSeminar11/12/2014
13Basin evolution of Arabia-Eurasia plates in Kurdistan-Iraq and surrounding areas from Late Triassic (205Ma) to Late Pliocene (3Ma)  presented by Dr. Sirwan Hama AhmedSeminar18/12/2014
14Department of Geology held a seminar under the tittle of "Stratigraphic Analysis of the Oligoce-Miocene components of the Tertiary Petroleum System (Case study Golan Mountain, Kurdistan Iraq)" presented by Professor Dr. Basim Al-QayimSeminar19/12/2014
15Rocks and Fossils presented by Mr.Danyar Abubakir Salih for student grade 8 in Kurdistan educational community in Sulaimani.Seminar23/12/2014
16The department of Geology held a workshop for the adminstration of Sulaimani ground water under the title ( Geophysical Instrument applications in ground water )workshop5/1/2015
17Technical cooperation between department of geology- university of Sulaimani and Oil companiesworkshop8/2/2015
18Department of Geology held a workshop, at the Faculty's seminar hall under the title (Earthquake and its effects on Kurdistan).workshop8/3/2015
19Workshop of Oil Industry in Kurdistan Region (Challenges and Options)workshop14/4/2015
20Mr.Hussen held his master defense ceremony under the Title Characterization of the Tertiary Reservoir in Khabbaz Oil Field, Kirkuk Area, Northern Iraq. Supervised by Dr. Dler Hussain Mohamad.Master defense7/5/2015
21Mr. Hiwa Jamal Kareem held his master defense ceremony under the Title Mineralogy and geochemistry of Granitoid pegmatite dykes from mawat Ophiolite Kurdistan region, NE Iraq. Supervised by Dr. Yousif Osman Mohammad.Master defense28/5/2015
22Mrs. kurda latif Abdulla held his master defense ceremony under the title Petroginesis and geochronology rocks in penjwen ophiolite, Kurdistan region NE Iraq. Supervised by Dr. Nabaz Rashid Hama Aziz.Master defense31/5/2015
23Geochemistry and genesis of Asnawa Iron Ore deposit, Kurdistan Region" presented by Dr. Irfan Omar MosaSeminar15/1/2015
24Seminar by Dr. Ghafor Ameen HamasurSeminar22/1/2015
25GNME Scholarship Program In National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines), Russia presented by Dr.Fouad
26"Ms. Simoni"  held the seminar under the title of  “ Archeology ".Seminar2/4/2015
27Department of geology participated to the festival activity at school of science under the title saving environment secures a better futureFestival23/4/2015
28Dr. Wilson Gewargis  held a seminar under the title of  investment of the mineral wealth in Kurdistan emphasizing on Mawat vicinitySeminar27/5/2015
29Dr.Tobin Hartnell and Dr.Bakhtiar Qadir Aziz will hold a training course  between  AIUS and University of SlaimaniCourse1/8/2015
30New evidence for opining of the New-Tethys: Carbonatite from the Sanandaj-Sirjan Zon, Kurdistan RegionSeminar3/12/2015
31 Hazard and Risk Intemsity Mapping of Karskic-Fissured and Intergranular Aquifer, Sulaimani Sub-basin as an example.

32 Creating an Effective Scientific poster
 16/12/ 2015
33 GeoKurdistan II the second geological conference of Kurdistan Workshop 6th-8th October 2015
34 Statistical Methods of Sampling Seminar 11/5/2016
35 Basics of scientific writing workshop 28th-29th May 2016
36     GeoKurdistan III Conference                                                     Conference                    5-7 Dec. 2017
37     Origin of elements and their abundance in the earth                            Seminar                       19-2-2018
38    Biomarker source rock appraisal case study from Kurdistan                     Seminar                       23-4-2018
39   A glimpse into activities of the department of earth science Zinjan 
      University- Sina                                                                     Seminar                       21-5-2018