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Geology Department Academic Staff


VisitName Specialty Emails Website
Dr.Basim Abudulkhaliq Al-Qayim Stratigraphy [email protected] Visit
Dr.Kamal Haji Karim Sedimentology [email protected] Visit
Dr.Imad Mahmood Ghafor Paleontology [email protected] Visit
Dr.Bakhtiar Qadir Aziz  Geophysics [email protected] Visit
Dr.Salahadeen Saeed Ali Hydrogeology  [email protected] Visit
Dr.Bakhtiar Muhammed Amin Sedimentology [email protected] Visit
Dr.Ezadeen Najmadeen Muhammed  Geophysics [email protected] Visit
Dr.Dler Hussein Mohammed Ameen Petroleum Geology [email protected]            Visit
Dr.Fadhil Ahmed Ameen Sequence Stratigraphy [email protected] Visit
Dr.Amanj Ibraheem Fattah Sedimentary Petrology [email protected] Visit
Dr.Ibrahim Mohammed Jaza Organic Geochemistry [email protected] Visit
Dr.Tola Ahmed Mirza Ore Geology [email protected] Visit
Dr.Sherzad Tofiq Mohammed Sedimentology sherzad[email protected]  
Dr.Diary Ali Muhammed Water Resources [email protected] Visit
Dr.Nabaz Rashid Hama Aziz Igneous Rocks [email protected] Visit
Dr.Yousif Osman Mohammad Metamorphic Rocks [email protected] Visit
Dr.Omar Qadir Ahmed  Geophysics [email protected] Visit
Dr.Ghfor Ameen Hamasur Engineering Geology [email protected] Visit
Dr.Azhar Khaleel Sulaiman Haji Geomorphology & RS & GIS [email protected] Visit
Dr.Mushir Mustafa Qadir Tectonostratigraphy [email protected] Visit
Dr.Aram Namuq Tawfeq Geophysics [email protected] Visit
Dr.Salim Hasan Sulaiman Hassan Structural Geology [email protected] Visit
Dr.Fouad Muhammed Qader Petroleum Geology [email protected] Visit
Dr.Sardar Muhammed Raza Geochemistry [email protected] Visit
Dr.Azad Omer Ibrahim Structural Geology [email protected]
Dr.Dara Faeq Hama min Hydrogeology [email protected] Visit
Dr.Sirwan Hama Ahmed Sedimentology [email protected] Visit
Dr.Araz Omer Salih Paleontology [email protected] Visit
Erfan Omer Musa Ore Geology [email protected] Visit
Devan Osman Hussain Petroleum Geology [email protected] Visit
Parween Othman Qader Sedimentary Petrology [email protected] Visit
Razawa H- Rashid A-Rahman Palynology [email protected] Visit
Shadan Mahmood Ahmed Petroleum Geology [email protected] Visit
Zardasht Ahmed Taha Ahmed Sedimentology [email protected] Visit
Karwan Abdurahman Mustafa Petroleum Geology [email protected] Visit
Derin Mohammed Sdeq Sedimentology [email protected] Visit
Fahmy Osman Muhameed Saeed Engineering Geology [email protected] Visit
Jabbar Mohammed Ameen Faraj Igneous Rocks [email protected] Visit
Lanja Hussain Abdullah Ahmed Geomorphology & GIS [email protected] Visit
Azad Taher Kareem Khalifa Salh Applied Hydrogeology [email protected] Visit
Harem Omer Qadir Muhammed Structural Geology [email protected] Visit
Danyar Abubaker Salih  Petroleum Geochemistry [email protected] Visit
Rezan Qadir Faraj Mirza Industrial Rocks and Minerals [email protected] Visit
Sardar Salim Fatah Karim Organic Geochemistry [email protected] Visit
Halo Abdulah Osman Saeed Geophysics [email protected] Visit
Chro Muhammed Fatah Amin Industrial Rocks and Minerals [email protected] Visit
Kurda Latife Abdulla Igneous Rocks [email protected] Visit
Hiwa Jamal Kareem Babakr Mineralogy [email protected] Visit
Ashna Jalal Ahmed Engineering Geology [email protected] Visit
Sarkhel Hawre Mohammed Hydrogeology &GIS [email protected] Visit