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Our Teaching Staff:

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Our Vision

The Department of Geology strives to be recognized as a leading national educational institute in earth sciences. Its future plans is to become the forefront interdisciplinary research and education institution in Kurdistan, Iraq and the Middle East, through maintaining scientific integrity, ethics in research, seeking excellence in teaching, serving society and national needs,  and pursuing international recognition.

Our Mission

The Department of Geology is dedicated to provide high quality innovative education that prepares students to face challenges of modern life and to have a  successful career re to participate in the development of the region and the country.  It offers outstanding teaching curriculum in geosciences and encourages research of high standards focusing on regional, national and international applied and important issues. It aims at maintaining productive cooperation with national and international  research partnerships, as well as participating in the educational development of the local community by expanding the awareness of the importance of earth sciences for the society. 

It is our fundamental aim is to graduate professional geoscientists having the modern knowledge, skills, and values required to work on strategic projects involving, the detailed geological and survey and terrain evaluation of Kurdistan, environmental assessment and protection studies, and exploration and evaluation of water  mineral and oil resources of the region. 

The Department of Geology offers a high quality undergraduate and graduate educational program with wide range of basic, practical and applied courses, supported by motivated and dedicated faculty, advanced teaching and research facilities, and extensive field experiences.

Our Staff:

Professor 7

Assistant Professor 15

Lecturer 8

Assistant Lecturer 18

Demonstrators  14

Our Halls and Laboratories:

Geology department consists of 9 theoretical Halls for theoretical lectures and over 13 Laboratories for practical lectures as well as conference room and meeting room, with laboratories accommodating our larger equipment.

Each laboratory constructed according to international Standards with every need possible and special attention given to space per student in a manner that every student has enough space for learning and equipment to fill their needs.

Every laboratory can accommodate 30-35 students in a 100 m2 and 152 m2 by this each student will get about 3-4 m2 of personal space.

Our scientific instruments in the labs:

- X-ray Diffraction ( XRD)

- X-Ray Fluorescence( XRF)

- Scanning electron microscope(SEM)

-PICARRO for Oxygen and hydrogen isotopes analysis

-Shear stress test machine

-Gas chromatography (GC) 

-Workshop includes various cutting and crushing machines

-A0 printers and scanners.

-Various types of Ovens and hotplates.

The main laboratories in the department are:

-University Seismic Observatory (USO) Lab

-Petroleum and Stratigraphy Lab.

-Ore Microscopy Lab.

-Structural Geology and tectonics Lab.

-General Geology Lab.

-Geomorphology and Remote Sensing Lab.

-Geophysics Lab.

-Sedimentology Lab.

-Geochemistry Lab.

-Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Lab.

-Geosoftware Lab.

-Engineering Geology Lab.

-Paleontology and Paleontology Lab.

-Petrography Lab.

Academic Staff
Seminars & Workshops
University Seismic Observatory 

Recent Events

  • PhD Lecturer from Geology Department got selected in ERASMUS MUNDUS- MARHABA program A PhD lecturer at University of Sulaimani l Geology Department by the name (Dr.Dara Amin) was selected by ERASMUS MUNDUS- MARHABA program where he visited Spain and performed a ...
    Posted Oct 13, 2016, 5:21 AM by Pavel Mohammed Khdir Rasool
  • MSc Student from Geology department on completing his internship program in a series of events one of our MSc Students by the name (Sarkhel Hawre Mohammed) has successfully completed his internship program and his field work at Department of Geology ...
    Posted Aug 28, 2016, 4:30 AM by Pavel Mohammed Khdir Rasool
  • Basics of scientific writing workshop Today marked the success of the workshop that was held by Department of Geologywhere the participants received their certificate.
    Posted May 29, 2016, 7:52 AM by Pavel Mohammed Khdir Rasool
  • First Year Remembrance of Halko Mahmood Today at University Of Sulaimani/ Department of Geology An event was held for remembering our Beloved Teacher Halko Mahmood who passed away one year ago in a mysterious accident .His ...
    Posted May 15, 2016, 1:25 PM by Pavel Mohammed Khdir Rasool
  • A visit from Sulaimani Seismic and Earthquake department to University Seismic station 14/1/2016 a group of Sulaimani Seismic and Earthquake monitoring department visited our University Seismic station and saw the new devices , the way they worked and differences between the ...
    Posted Jan 18, 2016, 5:16 PM by Pavel Mohammed Khdir Rasool
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