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Diploma, M.Sc & Ph.D Programs

The requested subjects to apply for Diploma, M.Sc & Ph.D Programs study in chemistry at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sulaimani.

Diploma topics

MSc topics

PhD topics

PhD topics For Analytical (Specific)

PhD topics For Biochem (Specific)

PhD topics For Inorganic Chem (Specific)

PhD topics For Organic Chem (Specific)

PhD topics For Physical Chem (Specific)

PhD topics For Petroleum  Chem (Specific)   

Chemistry Department have a workshop on '' How to improve teamwork skill'' on Oct 19, 2019 For Dr. Abdulfatah Hawrami, Registration is limited to 30 Participants.

گفتوگۆ نامەی خوێندکاری ماستەر

ئەمرۆ بەرواری ٢٩. ٨. ٢٠١٩ لە بەشی کیمیای کۆلێجی زانست، زانکۆی سلێمانی گفتوگۆی تێزی ماستەری خوێندکاری بەشەکەمان بەڕێز (هۆزان جلال سلیم) لە پسپۆڕی نەوت لە ژێر سەرپەرشتی بەڕێز ( پ.د.عبدالسلام رحيم كريم) بەسەرکەوتوویی ئەنجام درا.

لیژنەی گفتوگۆ پێکهاتبوون لە بەڕێزان:
پ.د. هاشم جلال عزیز
د. عيسی اسماعيل احمد
د. لوقمان عمر حمە صالح

سەرۆکایەتی بەشی كيميا پیرۆزبایی لە خوێندکار و سەرپەرشتیاری دەکات و دەستخۆشی و سوپاسی خۆی ئاراستەی لیژنەی گفتوگۆ و ئامادەبوانی گفتوگۆکە دەکات، هیوای 

سەرکەوتن بۆ هەموو لایەک دەخوازێت.

Schedule of Second Trial Examination 2015-2016

Time Table for Final Exam, Second attempt 2015-2016, University Of Sulaimani/ College Of Science/ Chemistry Department/ First, Second, third and forth stages.

Master Thesis Defense

Mr. Karzan Aziz Abdulikarem in the Chemistry department held his master defense ceremony entitled ‘’ Metal Complexes of (Oxygen, Nitrogen and Sulfur) Schiff Base Donors; Preparation, Characterization and Some Biological Activities ‘’ at the 17 August 2016, the project and the thesis are supervised by Dr. Dyari I. Tofiq.

M.Sc Programs

The requested subjects to apply for M.Sc study in chemistry at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sulaimani.


1-      Analytical chemistry & Instrumental analysis

a-      Basic concepts of chemical analysis

b-      Spectroscopic methods of analysis

c-      Electrochemical analysis

2-      Physical Chemistry

a-      Basic concepts of Physical chemistry

b-      Chemical thermodynamics

c-      Chemical kinetics

d-      Surface chemistry

3-      Organic chemistry

a-        Aldehydes Aldehydes & Ketones

b-        Carboxylic acids and derivatives

c-         Amines and Amides

d-        Synthesis, mechanism and reactions in Organic chemistry

e-        Theory of UV-Vis spectroscopy

f-          Theory of IR spectroscopy

g-        Aromatic compounds

4-      Inorganic chemistry

a-      Coordination chemistry

b-      Symmetry ( Basics and Principles)

c-      Periodic properties & Molecular structure

5-      Biochemistry

a-       Carbohydrates ( Principles and metabolism)

b-      Proteins & Amino acids ( Principles and metabolism)

c-      Lipids ( Principles and metabolism)

d-      Enzymes (Principles and Kinetics)

6-      Petroleum Chemistry

a-      Classification of Petroleum and petroleum products

b-      Evaluation of petroleum products

c-      Physical and chemical properties of petroleum products

d-      Petroleum composition

e-      Refining processes

f-       Refinery types, units, utilities, ….. etc

g-      Separation processes in refineries

h-      Chemical conversion processes in refineries

i-        Thermal cracking ( normal, catalytic hydro)

j-        Catalytic reforming

k-      Alkylation

l-        Isomerization Secondary processes (treatments)

m-   Sulfur compounds and De-sulfurization 

Ph. D. Programs & Admission requirements

 The department of Chemistry offer many courses of study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in different branches of Chemistry. The Ph.D. Programs contain information about student admissions requirements and specific grades for the test of each programs are also provided because, In many subjectsstudents are required to take an admissions test as part of their application. 50% marks are on general questions and another 50% are on specific questions related to the subject. Please be sure to read the attached file in the link carefully before applying. Details about the department and its members can be found by clicking on the department’s academic staff on the website. Please contact the department if you have any questions about their Ph. D programs, Ph. D. Programs & Admission requirements 

  کەمترین کۆنمرەی سەرجەم بەشەکانی زانکۆکانی کوردستان لە سایتی زانکۆی سلێمانیەوە ببیبوبینینی سه‌رجه‌م كونمره‌كان كلیك لیره‌ بكه‌، كونمره‌

The concise of teaching and quality assurance of school of science - (2014-2015)

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A warm welcome to the new students

You've made a magnificent choice for your selecting chemistry department as the post-secondary education and training needs for your career in the future. The knowledge and experiences you acquire here will prepare you for the many exciting opportunities and challenges that await you in the industrial workplace, in your community, and in your life.

As a new student, you are sure to have questions about the various aspects of student life in the University environment. To help answer those questions and get you familiar with the department and the university, we've created a student committee to welcoming new students, the students committee include the following students from different stage in the department, Nsar Mohamad (4th stage) Kale Rahim (3rd stage), Rebar Ali (3rd stage), Sarkash salah ( 3rd stage) and Znar Sardar (1st stage) and so on. these students are all supervised by a department committee staff Mr. Akam Kareem  Salih, Miss Razawa Majeed Ahmad and Mr. Fuad Hama Sharis.