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posted Jan 25, 2016, 5:13 AM by Mohammed Ahmed Hassan Qadir   [ updated Jan 25, 2016, 5:15 AM ]
On Jan. 21. 2016, Dr. Dler Faieeq presented a useful presentation about impact factors, recognizing fake journals and role of articles in university ranking at School of Science, University of Sulaimani.

His presentation opened a serious debate on the papers published in questionable international journals. The presentation began with a brief history of IMPACT FACTOR and different current questionable institutes for Journal ranking. The second part of the presentation highlighted the role of articles in University Ranking and comparing different systems of Ranking.

The third part raised questions about our University’s ranking along with past ten years since there is a paradoxical relationship between increasing number of Lecturers, Assist. Prof., and Prof and Ranking of our universities.  This was explained by the fact that most of our published papers were published in such questionable journals. To prove this hypothesis, a fake manuscript was prepared with fabricated data. The content of the draft was sent to 7 journals (these journals were chosen based on publication lists of our academics). Unsurprisingly, in only two weeks, acceptance letters were received from all journals. The presentation ended with a request of urgent action to limit such devastating phenomenon. Apparently, some academic titles were given based on publishing in these questionable journals; therefore, it is the time to rectify the mistakes, at least to create hopes for new generations. Taking into our considerations, Thomson Reuters-based impact factors are becoming commonly used in academia.

Useful Source to identify Questionable Journals: