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Biology is a department of Science school which allocated in faculty of science and science education. It has been built before 1998 and in 1998-1999 students have accepted to study biology since each year biology has graduated student with a BSc degree.

Rather than undergraduate study also postgraduate is another part of a study in biology. There are many high qualifications that have been given to those who study high degree such as MSc or PhD from this department. One of the new great projects after the new campus has been built is the differentiation of biology to different branches such as microbiology and general biology in order to study 

deeply and prepare students with high performance and great activity. One of the importance of Biology is graduates have an opportunity to work

 in different sectors such as Education, Health, Environmental and many different fields related to biology. In education, they work as teachers while in Health as laboratory workers to analyse the biological tests. In other fields, it may be as a researcher or working in fields. 

It is hoped that biology could be a part of the developed department in the future after that all laboratories in new campus will be finished which contains advanced devices. Some of them have been found and some of them are probably available as soon as possible which result in developing scientific area in the university and would be useful.

          Professor: 3

     Assistant professor: 12

     Lecturer: 14

     Assistant lecturer: 16

     Lab assistant: 10

        Name  Position   Speciality  Visit Profile
    Sirwan Muhsin Muhammed Amin
     Assistant professor
    Head of Department
     Medical Microbiology

    Ridha Hassan Hussein
    University President
    Animal Physiology Profile view
    Haider Mousa HamzahProfessorMicrobial Biotechnology Profile view
    Noori Hassan Ghafoor Assistant professor Plant physiology and Ecophysiology Profile View
    Trifa Kamal Jalal Assistant professor Ecology of Algae and Aquatic Fungi Profile view
    Rezan Omer Rashid Assistant professor Ecology and Pollution Profile view
    Jaza Faraj SalehAssistant professorBiochemistry Profile view
    Dlnya Asad MohamadProfessorMolecular Biology Profile view
    Salih Ahmed HamaAssistant professorMicrobiology (Virology & Immunology)  Profile view
    Sahand Kamaluldeen ArifAssistant professorMedical Microbiology  Profile view
    Karzan Ghafur Khidhir
    Assistant professor
    Director of foreign relations
    Molecular Biology/ Genetics Profile view 
    Hastyar Hama Rashid NajmuldeenAssistant professorMicrobial physiology  Profile view
    Hoshyar Abdullah AzeezAssistant professorBiotechnology - Tissue Culture  Profile view
    Karzan Omer QaderAssistant professor   Profile view
    Sulaf Mustafa MohammedAssistant professorAnimal physiology  Profile view
    Huner Hiwa Arif Lecturer  Microbiology  Profile view
    Mahmood Othman Ahmed Lecturer Genetics / Cytogenetics Profile view
    Sherko Ali Muhammed Lecturer Ecology and Pollution Profile view
    Dler Faieeq Darweesh Lecturer Physiology and Physiopathology Profile view 
    Fryad Majeed Rahman   Lecturer Molecular Genetics  Profile view
    Tara Kamal Raouf Lecturer Molecular Biology Profile view
    Paywast Jamal Jalal  Lecturer Molecular Biology (Virology and Immunology)  Profile view
    Chinar Hameed Sadiq Lecturer  Animal Physiology Profile view
    Shewa Anwar Faqe Mahmood  Lecturer Soil Microbiology Profile view
    Selar Shawkat IzzatLecturerMolecular Biotechnology  Profile view
    Jamal Saeed RashidLecturer  Profile view
    Sirwan Mustafa MohammedLecturerHistology & Immunohistochemistry   Profile view
    Farhad Ahmed Khudhur  Lecturer Entomology  Profile view
    Aras Ahmed Kamal ShaliLecturer- PhD studentMicrobiology- Mushroom Technology  Profile view
    Hemin Mohamad HusseinAssistant lecturer-
    PhD student
    Infection and Immunity  Profile view
    Payam Bayazeed Hassan Assistant lecturer-
    PhD student
    Microbial Physiology  Profile view
    Rezan Mahmood Mohammed Assistant lecturer-
    PhD student
    Parasitology   Profile view
    Nadia Ahmed RostamAssistant lecturer-
    PhD student
    Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Profile view 
    Shad Arif MohammedAssistant lecturer-
    PhD student
    Molecular Genetics  Profile view
    Harem Sabr Muhamad Amin  Assistant lecturer-
    PhD student
    Stem Cell Biology  Profile view
     Nyan Hama Salih Assistant lecturer-
    PhD student
    Ahmed Muhammed Salih Assistant lecturer Human Physiology Profile view 
    Adil Othman Fatah Assistant lecturer  Environmental Science and Freshwater ecology  Profile view
    Hassan Hussein Hama Amin Assistant lecturer Industrial and Commercial biotechnology   Profile view
    Mohammed Ahmed Hassan  Assistant lecturer
    Medical Microbiology Profile view
    Korsh Ararat Majeed Assistant lecturer  Environmental Assessment and Management Profile view 
    Wena Shafeeq Tawfeeq  Assistant lecturer  Contaminant hydrogeology Profile view 
    Dalya Salahaddin Ahmed MustafaAssistant lecturer Ecology and Pollution Profile View
    Shang Ali Tofiq Assistant lecturer  Plant Science Profile view
    Shadya Fars Assistant lecturerMicrobiologyProfile View

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