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Biology is a department of Science school which allocated in faculty of science and science education. It has been built before 1998 and in 1998-1999 students have accepted to study biology since that each year biology has graduated student with BSc degree.

Rather than undergraduate study also postgraduate is another part of study in the biology. There are many high qualification has been given to who study high degree such as MSc or PhD from this department. One of the new great projects after new campus has been built which is differentiation of biology to different branches such as microbiology and general biology in order to study deeply and preparing students with high performance and great activity.
One of the important of Biology is graduates have an opportunity to work in different sectors such as Education, Health, Environmental and many different fields which related to biology. In education they work as teacher while in Health as laboratory worker to analysis biological test. In other field it may be as researcher or working in fields. 

It is hoped that biology could be a part of the developed department in the future after that all laboratories in new campus will be finished which contains advanced devices. Some of them have been found and some of them are probably available as soon as possible which result in developing scientific area in the university and would be useful.

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